Jay Z Reschedules Tidal-Only B-Sides Concert, Adds 2nd Show


Lucky Tidal subscribers will have to wait a few more days for Jay Z’s upcoming free B-Sides concert in New York – but they’ll also have double the chance of getting in.


Tidal CEO Andy Chen Departs Company Amid Layoffs


Hova pushed back the date of his B-Sides show — which will spotlight tracks he rarely plays live — from May 13 to May 16. Additionally, he’s added a second B-Sides date on May 17, so New Yorker Tidal fans have an even better chance of checking him perform his more obscure tracks. You can sign up for the chance to see Jay on Tidal.com.

While a number of artists hammered Tidal after its celebrity-stuffed launch, Jay and its defenders have been quick to point out the music streaming service is practically in its infancy, and it’s too soon to know its future. 





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