It’s chocolate cake day.


Did you know that today is Chocolate Cake Day? I had no idea this celebration existed, until a few days ago when I read it somewhere and thought to myself: what a great excuse to eat a big piece of chocolate cake!


I don’t think this recipe for a rich, fudgy and syrup-drenched cake is originally fromPeru, but it’s hugely popular in Lima, and I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t eaten this addictive cake at a birthday party celebration once, or many times. Street vendors, restaurants, cafes, corner stores…they all sell this decadent homemade confection, too tempting for anyone to resist it.


My mom learned how to bake it many years ago, when my children were born. She used to go to cooking classes when she visited us in Lima, and she soon became an expert in Peruvian cuisine. She then taught me the recipe, which I then passed to Amelia (our cook), and everybody at home was happy having this delightful cakevery often.


The preparation is simple, and you don´t even need a mixer to make it. What is somewhat time consuming is the fudge, which has you slaving away over the stove, stirring the milks with the cocoa until the mixture thickens and you can see the bottom of the pan. Then you have to wait until it´s cool enough to handle, but don’t worry about wasting your time because the result is spectacular.




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